Download All UK Mosques as a POI file

Download GPS file of all UK Mosques Click the image and chose your navigator model to download the appropriate file. Save it to your navigator memory along with this mosque image.

Garmin users - you have the option of a file that contains richer information. Upload this file and this mosque image to your Garmin with POI Loader.


The above downloads show various bits of information about a masjid in as few characters as possible. Below is a key to this information. We suggest you print this page out and keep it with your GPS device.

A masjid is shown as: [Information]Name where information will have the following, if known:

  • Capacity
  • Women facilities - W (Women's facilities available) or NoW (No Women's facilities available)
  • Usage (if not full time mosque) - J (Used for Jumu'ah only), NJ (No Jumu'ah held here. May be held nearby), Irreg (Not open for all 5 prayers)
  • multi - multi-faith prayer room or hired hall
  • Theme - Arab (Arab mainstream), Deob (Deobandi), Maud (Maudoodi), Salf (Salafi), Shia, Brel (Bareilvi), Sufi (Sufi, exc. Bareilvi). See the notes for more information about these.
  • Management - Arab, Bang (Bangladeshi), Guje (Gujerati), Paki (Pakistani), Stud (Students), Tami (Tamil), Turk (Turkish). See the notes for more information about these.
If the line starts with a *, that means its location is within a few metres. If it starts with a ?, it means the location is not precise enough to navigate to, since it may be off by over 100m. Also, if the text inside the square brackets starts with a ?, this means the information may have some inaccuracies.

Here is an example:
*[?600NoWBrel]Seven Kings Mosque, Muslim Education Trust
This is a Bareilvi-themed masjid with a capacity of 600 with no women's facility. Its location is precise, but some of the information (name, capacity etc) may be innaccurate.