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About: a searchable directory of all 2154 mosques and hired halls in the UK and Ireland.

This is the searchable, definitive mosque directory, properly masaajid, for the UK and Ireland, along with information about each one. It has been compiled primarily to assist Muslims who are unfamiliar with a locality to find out where the mosques are. It may also assist others providing services to the community, such as interfaith, local government, police and community organisations to find where they can make contact with different parts of the local Muslim community. (Thus it supports the remainder of this website, which is dedicated to overcoming the obstacles that Muslims ourselves have created, whether due to ethnic or sectarian divisions or by limiting access through 'approved' channels only.)

How many mosques in the UK?: About 1,700 actual mosques (compared with about 50,000 Christian congregations, ie about 1 mosque for every 1200 Muslims and about 1 church congregation for every 700 Christians). '50,000 Christian congregations' [reference National Churches Trust (in 2019)] includes 16,600 Anglican, plus 27,000 non-Anglican in the Register of Places of Worship (in E&W only, plus about 3,000 non-Christian in RoPoW) plus Scotland and NI, plus numerous 'house' churches, regular prayer groups, Christian societies etc. comparable to the bodies listed in the directory. The National Churches Trust also states there are 40,300 church buildings in the UK open to the public and being used for worship.

Directory Status: There are currently 3303 locations listed in the mosques directory of which about 1850 are masjids/mosques, prayer rooms and shared places such as hired halls and chaplaincies. The remainder include circa 75 very uncertain, 50 multi-faith, and about 400 now defunct addresses). Nearly all our masjid addresses are landmarked precisely, but about 150 are given approximate locations with notes to aid finding them when you are there. If you can help pinpoint these latter using local knowledge, please let us know by using the Feedback feature on each entry.

This was last updated on 02nd July 2024.

Fi-sabeelillah we have tried hard to make this database as accurate and complete as possible.  Please assist us in this by providing corrections and additions. Beware of out-of-date copies of this data on other sites - check against this site to be sure you have up to date information. Also beware of out-of-date copies of the SatNav files, always make sure you are using the latest data by checking for updates here. This directory is corrected and enhanced several times every month.

A report on the current detailed statistics concerning mosques is downloadable as a PDF file. Download latest report